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Lead with community

Trova is upskilling the workforce through just-in-time learning and meaningful social engagement. Now available in Webex.

Why Trova?

Trova provides a platform in Webex to help employees share what they're passionate about, like hobbies, interests, skills, education, location, languages spoken - all those attributes that make your employees awesome. With Trova, employees can connect with coworkers, share their skills AND pick up new ones.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Thrive from anywhere

Trova is a dynamic platform that empowers the workforce through seamless collaboration, meaningful connections, and enabling employees to thrive from anywhere. We're committed to elevating the employee experience and fostering inclusivity while also providing the flexibility for success regardless of location.

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  • Dynamic Profils

  • Modern Directory

  • Employee Resource groups

  • Organization Calendar



  • Basic License +

  • Organzation Chart

  • Automated Onboarding

  • Data Dashboard



  • Enterprise License +

  • API Integration to HRIS

  • Feature custimization



Getting Trova as Webex Admin (Preferred)

  1. Admin to log into Webex Portal

  2. Go to Apps

  3. Go to Embedded Apps

  4. Search Trova, Add to Webex

  5. Update Settings

    1. Select all users

    2. Allow PII​​

  6. Go to Webex Client and Open the Trova App in the bottom left corner

  7. Go to Trova menu by clicking profile icon in top right corner of Trova app.

  8. Click unlock features

  9. Authenticate with Webex

  10. Share Trova by letting your coworkers know it's Live!

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