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Make authentic connections.

Communication and collaboration happen in Slack. With Trova, building culture, connection, and energized workforces can, too.

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The Trova Difference

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Authentic Profiles

Showcase employee interests and backgrounds with profiles that enable employees to bring their authentic selves to work!


Introductions that Matter

Provide a sense of belonging and break down corporate silos with Trova's peer introductions based on shared interests.


Employee Spotlights

Automatically welcome new hires by spotlighting their Trova profile to any Slack channel

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Community and Culture

Stronger company culture: A sense of belonging can contribute to a stronger company culture, creating a community of employees who share common values and goals.

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ERG & DEI Awareness

Increase engagement and participation in ERGs and DEI groups by highlighting member affiliation

Trova Profiles

We provide an inclusive user profile that supports employees in expressing what they're passionate about outside their 9 to 5.

  • Share favorite interests and hobbies

  • Employees can bring their whole selves to work

  • Connect with peers based on current location

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Automated Introductions

Meaningful introductions, lead to meaningful conversations, which convert into lasting relationships. 

  • Curated introductions based on common similarities within Trova profiles.

  • Ability to generate random introductions to help employees meet more of their peers. 

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Employee Spotlights

Welcome your new hires like never before with Trova Spotlights. Automatic introductions by sharing their Trova profile and welcome message to allow employees to react, comment, and have Trova introduce them.

  • Improve onboarding

  • Introduce mentors to mentees 

  • Spark engagement 

Learning and Development

Easily create a peer-to-peer learning environment by using Trova Mentor Magic. Inside Trova profiles, employees can volunteer to share their skills and topics of interest with their co-workers. Employees can also use Trova to request to get connected with a peer coach.

  • Employees can easily volunteer to be a coach, mentor, or simply talk about a topic of interest.

  • Trova will connect peers based on topics of interest. 

  •  Automatically facilitate and manage your learning program. 

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"Discover" Employees

Your all-in-one employee directory right inside slack! Search for peers based on anything in their Trova profiles. The Trova map allows you to easily discover all the cool and amazing places your co-workers work from in the world.

  • Customize your employee directory

  • Showcase skills, certifications, department, etc.

  • Check out where peers are using our Map View

Insights Dashboard

With Trova's Data Analytics, companies can create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and connected to their colleagues and the organization's goals.​

  • Identify what your people are passionate about

  • Leverage data for onboarding and talent acquisition

  • Proactively engage employees at risk of turnover

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