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Make authentic connections.

Communication and collaboration happen in Slack. With Trova, building culture, connection, and energized workforces can, too.

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Employee Spotlights

Showcase employee interests and backgrounds with profiles that enable employees to bring their authentic selves to work!

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Community and Culture

Provide a sense of belonging and break down corporate silos with Trova's peer introductions based on shared interests.

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ERG & DEI Awareness

Increase engagement and participation in ERGs and DEI groups by highlighting member affiliation

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Expressive Profiles

We provide an inclusive user profile that supports employees in expressing what they're passionate about outside their 9 to 5.

  • Share favorite interests and hobbies

  • Employees can bring their whole selves to work

  • Connect with peers based on current location

Meaningful Intros

Meaningful introductions, lead to meaningful conversations, which convert into lasting relationships. Trova automatically introduces coworkers based on their shared interests, backgrounds, and hobbies, kickstarting fun and exciting conversations.

Employee Spotlights

Improve Onboarding and make meaningful introductions for employees with our Spotlights. Promote peer-to-peer recognition with our Rec-Wall.

  • Improve Onboarding

  • Introduce Mentors to Mentees 

  • Spark Engagement 

Amplify Engagement

With Trova's Data Analytics, companies can create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and connected to their colleagues and the organization's goals.​

  • Identify what your people are passionate about

  • Leverage data for onboarding and talent acquisition

  • Proactively engage employees at risk of turnover

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"Discover" Employees

Showcase the information that's important to your teams and organization. Trova can make it readily available in any message or channel.

  • Customize your employee directory

  • Showcase skills, certifications, department, etc.

  • Check out where peers are using our Map View

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