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Bring Coworkers Together

At Trova, we help employees bring their whole selves to work and engage with peers who share common interests outside of their 9 to 5.

Making a difference

From day one, Trova provides every employee with the tools needed to reach out and engage.

  • Automated Introductions

  • Search peers by interests and location

  • Discover affinity groups and events


Your community

Get your Trova community set up in a snap, so you can get back to creating an environment where people thrive.

Built with managers in mind

  • Enterprise-level access and control

  • Insights and data dashboard

  • Share the community via a link or email

Stephanie - Asheville, NC

“It was amazing to learn that one of our senior partners was a Metallica fan, you would have never guessed that!  "

Camaraderie & Connection

We help start the conversation! Trova breaks the ice based on shared interests and backgrounds. 

Introductions are based on:

  • Places lived, home town, current city

  • College attended and work history

  • Favorite hobbies and interests

Amplify DEI and ERG

Showcase how your company creates a more inclusive and social workplace for EVERY employee.

Employees can:

  • Amplify your DEI and Affinity groups

  • Embrace your employee's lifestyle choices

  • Provide a safe space for every employee


Virtual Watercooler

Provide a social outlet purposefully built for fostering meaningful friendships at work and engaging with peers

Create your own company culture:

  • Help employees be their authentic selves

  • Share employee's passions and interests

  • Increase camaraderie and connection

Engagement for all

Filter peers by interest and location to convert online connections into in-person friendships.

We'll help users:

  • Join or create events and activities

  • See what cities your peers live in

  • Help bridge the gap between remote and in-person

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