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Fostering community AT WORK

Trova creates a collaborative and fulfilling work experience for every employee.
Remote work has left employees feeling isolated. Trova can help!
The Leading Employee Experience Platform
Culture starts with authenticity 

Employees who can be their authentic selves at work are more likely to be engaged, leading to improved job performance and a stronger desire to stay with an organization.

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Employees can bring their whole selves to work, sharing interests and backgrounds.

Discover employees by their interests, background, or location.

Break down silos and foster engagement across teams and departments.

Onboarding New Hires

Automatically provide a meaningful and repeatable onboarding experience. 

Automate employee development and increase cross-functional collaboration.

Identify trends and proactively engage employees that may be at risk of burnout.

Trusted by companies that love their employees!

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Mike K., Director of HR

"Trova is the tool our team and company will use to help amplify DEI & ERG's, help socially connect a distributed workforce, and help new hires make connections on their first day."

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Kate P., Workplace Experience Manager

"We are using Trova to help Mablers build and foster connections across teams and departments." 

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Stephanie E., Director of Engagement 

"Trova is socially uniting our distributed workforce and helping our employees learn more about each others interests and backgrounds."

Your employees are your greatest asset, Trova will help create the experience and culture they deserve.

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