Fostering Community at WORK

Trova's platform helps hybrid and distributed employees find their sense of belonging and make meaningful connections with co-workers.

Why Trova? Having a sense of belonging matters for employees!

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Be Yourself at Work

Let employees express who they are as humans and what they are passionate about OUTSIDE of work. 

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Relationships that Matter

Whether an employee is remote or in the office, they can make meaningful connections and friendships with co-workers from any team or anywhere in the world.

Groups and Events 

Elevate DEI, ERG, and affinity groups so every employee can engage in what they care about. Showcase all your fun and exciting social events using the Trova calendar. 

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Trusted by companies that love their employees!

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Mike K., Director of HR

Trova is the tool our team and company will use to help amplify DEI & ERG's, help socially connect a distributed workforce, and help new hires discover peers and make connections from their first day.

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Stephanie E., Director of Engagement 

Trova is socially uniting our distributed workforce and helping our employees learn more about each others interests and background outside of work.