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Building Community & Breaking the Ice


User to User

At Trova we combine our insights and user input to improve how we engage with our neighbors. This is not a dating app, this app is designed to foster meaningful relationships. Find a new best friend or become a better neighbor. Trova is exclusive to residents in you apartment community.

User to Group

Do what you love. Get involved in your apartment community. Looking to play a pick up sport, join a book club, or try out goat yoga? Join or create activity and interest groups on Trova. We give you the power to create the best place to live, work, and play.

Message Board

Stay informed and up to date on the latest events and activities taking place in your apartment community. Want to reach out to your neighbors directly or send a group message? Directly message your neighbors or post to the group feed on Trova.


About US

Trova is an Italian word that translates to find or discover. We are on a mission to foster a more social and inclusive apartment community where you live, work, and play. We are a Boston-based startup looking to create In Real Life (IRL), SOCIAL networks.

We can all relate to the awkwardness of walking up to a stranger and introducing ourselves. Our app fully automates the process by pro-actively pairing residents based on common interests and background. Let us break the ice so you can connect when you want, how you want.