Make an impact in your community

Together we will create an environment where residents will love to live, work, and play

54% of apartments turn over each year

61% of residents don't know neighbors name

Residents sense of community impacts retention




Residents are looking for an easy, non-invasive way to connect. There’s no substitute for building meaningful friendships the old-fashioned way, in-person. 

Our users are given the tools needed to discover who may share the same interest or background. With a simple nudge, Trova is the stepping stone needed to start a new conversation with a purpose.


We keep it simple. Create your organization profile on Trova, invite your tenants to join, and we’ll take it from there.


Trova will help tenants meet and engage with one another—"breaking the ice"—based on common attributes. Our goal is to provide residents a platform to proactively foster meaningful relationships with people they might not have met otherwise. 


Get a better understanding of what matters most to your residents. Unlock a whole new data source so you can make informed decisions on the next amenity to build or event to throw.

Our data is not user specific and we don't rely on selling data, so your residents can be confident that their best interests are in mind.


Engage with your residents directly or as a group. A unique platform designed for all communication regarding social events, groups, and collaboration.

Message boards, group chats, and community wide posts will help keep your community engaged. 

At Trova, we are on a mission to build stronger communities. It is our goal to help provide the best living experience possible. Whether its being a better neighbor or becoming a new friend, we are helping residents create a new social foundation that they can rely on.

Our impact is measured by your bottom-line and a residents quality of life.