Make authentic connections.

Communication and collaboration happen inside Slack. With Trova, building authentic connections for employees can, too.

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Employee Spotlights

Showcase employee interests and backgrounds with profiles that enable employees to bring their authentic selves to work!

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Building Community and Culture

Provide a sense of belonging and break down corporate silos with Trova's peer introductions based on shared interests.

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ERG & DEI Awareness

Increase engagement and participation in ERGs and DEI groups by highlighting member affiliation

Authentic Profiles

Employees can create Trova profiles inside slack that express who they are outside of a 9-5. Add interests, hobbies, activities, and fun icebreakers.

Meaningful Introductions

Say goodbye to random Introductions!
Trova introduces coworkers based on shared interests and backgrounds to make authentic connections to increase social well-being and belonging. 

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Seamless Notifications

With notifications from Trova to Slack, employees will never miss an opportunity to engage with coworkers, DEI/ERG groups, or company-wide social events.

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