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Thank you for coming to this site to learn more about Trova and help me out.  


As we discussed, I am trying to start a company, and could use your help.

How you can help Jon

If you work at a company, you can help by connecting me to someone in your HR department. We are seeking strategic partnerships and the goal of this introduction is to show them a demo of Trova and hopefully get the opportunity to launch Trova at your company!

I would appreciate a warm intro via email. Here is a simple email template you can use to send to your HR team. 

Hi {insert name},

A friend of mine is starting a company,,  that I think would be great for {insert company name}. Their platform provides employees the ability to bring their whole selves to work and connect with peers who share their interest and background. Their goal is to help employers build a more inclusive and social culture for every employee regardless of team or work location.

Right now they're in the early stages of launching their platform and would love to provide a demo if you're open to taking a look.

Please let me know if you're open to connecting to one of the founders.


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