Support students’ sense of community and belonging

Enhance the collegiate experience by fostering a thriving community for students—on and off campus

What is Trova?

Trova is an exclusive mobile app designed specifically for your university. Trova provides students with automated friend suggestions based on background and interests, helping to build trust and foster new relationships. Trova offers students an easy way to get engaged in activity and interest groups and stay up to date on events and gatherings on campus.

Students can join and create activity and interests groups to continue doing what they love on campus

Whether it's finding a roommate or making new friends, Trova's automated friend suggestions make connecting with peers seamless.

Discover events on campus and group gatherings whether hosted by the university or put on by the student body




Partnering with Trova

We keep it simple. Your Trova Community will be up and running in minutes. Simply create your university profile on Trova and invite your students. Trova is a closed social network, meaning users have to be enrolled to gain access to the platform.  

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Find out what matters most to your students. Unlock a whole new data source so you can make informed decisions on the next class to offer or amenity to build. Our data is not user-specific and we don't rely on selling data, so your students can be confident that their best interests are in mind.

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Engage with students directly. Trova offers a unique platform designed for all communication regarding social events, groups, and collaboration. Message boards, group chats, and community-wide posts will help keep your students engaged.

Why Trova, why now?


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Getting acclimated to life on campus is now easier with Trova. Trova helps students get off to a fast start by building a peer network they can rely on. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and social environment for students to enhance their overall collegiate experience.