Empower your greatest asset, your employees, to grow their network within your organization

Let's break down the corporate silos and create the most inclusive and social workplaces

What is Trova?

Trova is a private social network designed specifically for your organization. We help build trust and foster new relationships beyond teams and offices. Trova offers employees an easy way to get engaged in activity and interest groups while staying up to date on the latest corporate news. Create a community beyond the walls of your organization!

Give your employees the tools needed to build their social network in your organization

Stay connected while giving employees the freedom to find their community at work

Offer a sense of belonging that goes beyond  an employees day to day responsibility




Partnering with Trova

We keep it simple. Your Trova Community will be up and running in minutes. Simply create your corporate profile on Trova and invite your employees. Trova is a closed social network, meaning employees need a corporate email account to access your community

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Find out what matters most to your employees. Unlock a whole new data source that you can leverage to align your business to your employee's needs. Our data is not user-specific and we don't rely on selling data, so your employees can be confident that their best interests are in mind.

Data that


Add more


Engage with employees directly. Trova offers a unique platform designed for all communication regarding social events, groups, and collaboration. Message boards, group chats, and community-wide posts will help keep your workforce engaged.

Why Trova, why now?

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