Increase Tenant Retention 

Provide an amenity your tenants will love


An environment where tenants will love to live, work, and play.

A community managed by you

Invite tenants to join your properties unique Trova Group. No hands on management needed.

All tenants in the community will have an outlet to engage with one-another prior to meeting in person.

Designed with tenants in mind

Automated friend recommendations based on Activities, Interests and Background (A,I,B).

Pro-active engagement helps tenants start the conversation with a purpose.​

Data Driven Insights

Discover common interests and activities that your community partakes in. 

Make informed decisions on the next event to host or amenity to build. 

Communication made simple

Reach out to tenants directly in app using our messaging feature.

Tenants can engage directly with the property management and their neighbors making their lives easier.